PrepStep - College, Career, and Military Prep (eBooks, Practice Tests, Tutorials, Computer courses, Flashcards, Career Finder, College Finder, and more)

TexQuest Galegroup - multiple sites with no ads, no malware, and lots of good information

TexQuest Britannica - an encyclopedia, but so much more!

TexQuest EBSCO - Full-text eBooks (High School Search, K-8 Collection, High School Collection, Business Collection, Education Collection, History Collection, Academic Collection, Business Collection, Education Collection, History Collection), Biography Reference Center, Read It (ELL articles), Points of View, Explora, Poetry and Short Story Reference Center

TexQuest Teachingbooks- tons of fun resources for books (Meet-the-author resources, Name pronunciation,Vocabulary connections, Book lists, reading lists, Sharing Tools)

TexQuest SIRS Discoverer-General Resources (Magazine and news articles, Reference book articles, Images, Websites, Pro/Con Leading Issues), Full-text eBooks

Bexar Bibliotech - the Bexar County library (it's all electronic, and it's free!)

San Antonio Public Library

The first resources require passwords, unless you are in the school district. Please, see your teacher or librarian for that password.