About the Library

Checkout policies: 3 books at a time for 3 weeks. If you have an existing library debt, you may have 1 book for 3 weeks. All outstanding debts must be resolved before graduation.

Library Layout

Circulation Desk area:

  • As you enter the library from the hall, you will see the Circulation desk (where you check out, check in, or ask about books or computers), our Reference and display area, and several seating areas. Any books on display are available for checkout, as well. We also have tablets and hot spots available for student 3-week check out (on a first-come, first-served basis). Just in front of the circulation desk is a bank of 30 computers available for use by individuals or classes. Just beyond the Circulation desk is our Picture Book section and a door to the courtyard.

Legacy Museum:

  • Next to the Reference section is our Legacy Museum. This room is only accessible with administrative approval.

Reading area:

  • Just past the Museum room is our Reading area. The magazines are located in this area. Some of the Seating has small tables for students to read/work/visit.

Computer lab room:

  • On the right side of the library, just past the Reading area is a computer lab with 30 desktop computers, a white board, and a projector. This can be reserved with a request to the librarian or a facilities request.

Main Seating/Bookshelf area:

  • Down 3 steps is our Main seating/teaching area and the bookshelves. We also have a small conference room that is to the left of the stairs-- this can be reserved for meetings/conferences. The Main area has 15 tables/60 chairs, a projector/speakers, and screen. Restrooms are conveniently located near this area. Anyone needing to reserve the teaching area needs to contact the librarian or do a facilities request.
  • The Bookshelves run left-to-right between the teaching area and the door to the parking lot. Manga/Graphic Novels are on the far left, then Fiction books run to the middle, then Non-Fiction, and the Biography is on the far right.
  • We do have a ramp to this portion of the library. It is located just beyond the main bank of computers.

Dewey Decimal System

000 Computer Science, Information and General Works

100 Philosophy and Psychology

200 Religion

300 Social Sciences

400 Language

500 Science

600 Applied Science/Technology

700 History and Geography

800 Literature

900 History and

920 Collective Biography

B Biography

SC Story Collection

FIC Fiction

SP Spanish

REF Reference

PRO Professional