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Driver Education

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Modified Observation Requirement Affidavit Form - this is only for students that received their permit prior to 5/29/21 and do not need to complete observation hours.

6/11/20 Update on Permit Testing & Alternative Hour License Tests

Next Course Information

January 22nd - February 5th 2022

(Weekends only - WILL BE HELD REMOTELY - Jan. 22, 23, 29, 30, & Feb. 5th - 9am - 4pm)

The parent meeting for this class will be held REMOTELY on

January 19th, 2022 from


Additional Course Information

February 28th, 2022 - Monday-Friday, 7am-8am in B129

The parent meeting for this class will be March 1st, 2022 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

We've yet to determine if this parent meeting will be in-person or held remotely.

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I'll confirm enrollment by adding your student to their respective Google Classroom accounts. Please ensure they've received the invite and join the Google Classroom.


Please make sure they are a MINIMUM of 15 and 9 months exactly. Use this link to see what their age will be at the beginning of course. - http://www-users.med.cornell.edu/~spon/picu/calc/agecalc.htm

**We will not be sending out a reminder about the start of the course once a student is enrolled in this class. Please mark it on your calendar.**

***If your student is not the MINIMUM age of 15 and 9 months at the beginning of the course, they can start late, but must make-up the classes they had to miss due to not being eligible. This is only a reasonable option for students that owe a few(1-5) classes***


Program Information: Total Cost $575 - $150 for the class, $425 for the driving & observations.

-- If a student fails to cancel a lesson without 24 hours notice, they will be charged $20.00. This fee must be paid before scheduling your next driving lesson. Your Schedule 2 Drive account will be deactivated and any lessons you have scheduled will be canceled until the payment/s are made.

This course is available to all students in the high school. Students must be 15 and 9 months in order to enroll. There are at least six classes held each year. Courses run during the year are held at either 7am-8am, weekends, some school vacation weeks and accelerated courses over the summer.

Minimum requirements are for ALL driving schools are:

  • Students much complete all of the following requirements within 2 years of beginning the classroom.

1. 30 hours of classroom instruction - Students must make up all missed classes!

2. 12 hours on-the-road training - As of May 1st, 2019, all NEW students will not be able to begin their on-road training(driving lessons and/or observations if the parent meeting requirement is not completed. (This is a newly created policy that ALL driving schools must comply with.)

3. 6 hours of observation(students the received their permit on or after 5/29/21 must complete observation hours with us.)

A permit test must be passed before a student may participate in road training. There is a $150 fee for the classroom and $425 for the on-the-road-training. Parents are also required to attend a 2 hour information meeting,(driving lessons cannot begin if the parent meeting requirement isn't completed) as mandated by the RMV. This course is valid for 5 years, if you attended for another child at SHS, I have a record of it, so please let me know their name. If you attended a parent night elsewhere, I'll need the documentation from that driving school.

  • Students have 2-years from their first day of starting our program to complete: 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of on-the-road training, 6 hours of observation and the parent meeting. Failure to complete these requirements within the allotted time will require students to complete it all over again, no partial credit can be given and no refunds will be granted. No extensions will be requested or granted.

Payment plans are an option. All checks should be made to: Town of Swampscott

We ask that you pay the $150 for the class before the class ends. The final exam, given on the last day of the course, will not be given if a student has not paid for the class. For the first 3 lessons scheduled, a payment of $125 should be made, then a $100 payment made for each set of 3 lessons you're looking to schedule.

- There is an additional fee of $15.00 payable by check to the Mass DOT, this fee covers the processing fee for the driver education certificate.


Some information about Schedule 2 Drive

If you've completed any driving lessons, logging on shouldn't be an issue. Click the link above, go to the Student Login and enter the information requested. Once you're on your profile, please ensure that your permit issue date is filled in, that your address is correct, ensure you have a valid, acceptable email address/es entered that you regularly and check and update your cell phone number if necessary. For communication between Schedule 2 Drive, you and us, it's important that this information is accurate.

If you're unable to log-in, it's likely because we do not have your permit number and/or a payment is still due. If you've never done a driving lesson or recently received your permit, please email me at Bennett@swampscott.k12.ma.us with your SA number, I'll enter it into your profile and activate your account, as long as a payment has been made and processed, you'll then be able to schedule lessons/observations. (Please give us 3-5 business days to complete this)

All newly starting students really should schedule their first times on the road with us an observation then drive or vice versa. Which means you will be in the car for 2 hours(RMV policy maximum). Example; 2:45pm-4:45pm or 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Students should not be scheduling more than 2-3 lessons per month. That is what we've always suggested because it's the most educationally sound way of learning one of the most important skills a new teen driver needs, but it also prevents one or more students from scheduling more than that, taking away the availability of lessons for our other students. In some circumstances, we will allow it, but that is a case-by-case basis. Any student that schedules more than the 2-3 per month without prior approval or proper payment will have them canceled within the Schedule 2 Drive system.

Payments should still be made accordingly and prior to scheduling any lessons.

This can still be done via the online payment site - https://unipaygold.unibank.com/transactioninfo.aspx

Payments can also be made by check (Town of Swampscott)


Transferring to Another Driving School?

All requests for to transfer to another driving school must come from the school. They should email me at Bennett@swampscott.k12.ma.us

This also pertains to transferring information in order to schedule a road test.

All the class and parent night is uploaded to ATLAS when completed, the RMV must then complete the official transfer.

Please allow up to 10 business days for this request to be completed.


We have also created a partnership with In Control Crash Prevention, they will be providing a discount of $30.00 for all Swampscott High School Driver Education students that enroll in their skills course. Two of our instructors have gone through their program in order to introduce some of the skills learned during their course, as well as being able to provide an accurate recommendation to parents/guardians/students about this course.