Engagement Plan


When: September 29th, 2020
6-7 pm

Where: Zoom: https://bit.ly/33EaT1q

Canadian call in number: +1 613-209-3054

passcode: 751492

Who: Any residents of Colchester

This online event will introduce the community to Carbon-Free Colchester, the project team, the methods to be used in the project, and provide details on how your voice can be heard.

Presentation Slides: Available here

Recording of event: Available here

Passcode: 3NC@X$%C

Targeted interviews

When: September 2020

Where: Phone and email

Who: Selected individuals within Colchester

Targeted interviews will help ensure that the engagement methods being used in this project allow for full participation by all residents of Colchester, and will refine the data inputs used in the modelling.

Steering committee

When: 4-5 dates throughout the project, the first meeting to be held in October 2020

Where: Zoom

Who: Selected individuals and stakeholders, including 2-3 interested community members

The Steering Committee will offer expert advice in the development of the Community Energy and Emissions Plan from a cross-departmental and community perspective – for example, from industry, utilities, small and large businesses, universities, NGOs, First Nations, and Municipal Council. This may include about 10-15 individuals or groups. Committee membership will be determined by the Colchester Project Team, with feedback from SSG.

Implementation workshop

When: March 2021, specifics to be confirmed closer to the date

Where: Zoom

Who: Any residents of Colchester

This zoom workshop will engage the community and stakeholders in identifying implementation considerations for each of the actions. The workshop will begin with a short presentation on the preferred future scenario for Colchester. Participants will then be divided into groups of three or four people (e.g. EVs, transportation, buildings, active transportation, etc.) to identify implementation considerations. They will then come back to the larger group to share their insights.

The presentation slides are available here

Town hall #2

When: Feb 2021, specifics to be confirmed closer to the date

Where: Zoom, or in-person

Who: Any residents of Colchester

The draft CEEP will be presented for feedback from the community