Standards based grading in PowerSchool

PowerSchool houses student information, attendance and grading including Standards Based Grading for the School District of Superior. Teachers will enter both practice and assessments into PowerSchool as assignments to track progress towards the mastery of standards. We invite families to check the Parent Portal of PowerSchool to see their child's progress regularly. The Spartan Grade is also entered into PowerSchool. The Spartan Grade reflects all non academics into a score and comment, if a student is not doing what is expected. Please see the documents and videos below to assist in viewing student progress in PowerSchool. Families who need assistant viewing student grades, standards or Spartan Grade in PowerSchool should reach out to their student's building. It is strongly recommended that parents use the web version of PowerSchool Parent Portal and not the app for Standards Based Grading.

Click any of the links below for directions

Quick Tips:

  • Click the [ i ] besides each class to view assignments and standards.

  • When looking at your student's grades, click the blue rectangle to view the standards assessed on the assignment.

  • Click the Standards tab and click expand all to view all standards and scores.

  • Use the Web page, not the app.