Standards Based Grading

School District of Superior


In the School District of Superior, we approach assessment and reporting as an important part of a student’s understanding of his/her progress as a learner, as well as a tool for communicating progress to parents, colleges, and the community.  In order to ensure that grades accurately reflect student learning, we are implementing a proficiency-based grading system in all classes.  This system separates academic grades from reports on student behavior. 

 Over the course of the last several years, we have begun to critically examine our grading practices and to study methods of grading that more accurately reflect and report student learning.  Administration  has encouraged interested teachers to learn about and try  Standards-Based Grading.  It will look somewhat familiar as this is the type of reporting system our elementary schools use.  The intent of using Standards-Based Grading is to provide accurate, meaningful and consistent communication to students and parents about learning.

          A standards-based grading system certifies a student’s demonstration of performance on a standard by the end of a grading period.  The essential question answered in a standards-based system is:  To what degree has the student demonstrated the necessary knowledge or skill as described in the standard?

We will continue to do the following:  




Reassessment and

 late work

Reassessment information and the reassessment form.

Standards Based Grading Late Work Guidelines

At SMS and SHS, students are expected to complete coursework within the timelines outlined by the teachers. However, extensions for submission of assignments are based on individual circumstances, after a conversation between teacher and student has occurred. In a situation where a student wants an opportunity to reassess and demonstrate learning, students may be allowed to retake assessments based on teacher approval.

Proficiency Scale and grades

Grade Scale

Conversion Table - Superior High School

The Spartan Grade


  Report Cards and Progress Reports

Superior High school Quarterly Progress Report

Students in grades 9-12 will receive a Standards-Based Grading progress report at the end of each Quarter. Students will receive a traditional letter grade at the end of each semester. 

Superior middle school report card

Students in grades 6-8 will receive a Standards-Based Grading report card 4 times a year.