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Our firm proudly supports California and Arizona businesses with broad range of services. We effectively counsel businesses and non-profit organization in choosing the right entity formation to best fit the purpose, drafting contracts, taxation advising, local license acquiring, to intellectual property (IP) rights such as trademark registration and investment related matters. In the event of the often seen non-payment situation or other business litigation scenarios, our firm has ability to work with local counsel in virtually any state where your company or the potential defendant is located if it's outside of California and Arizona.

For international business litigation, we also assist communication between English and Mandarin Chinese, coordinate or supervise local counsel based on the goal on behalf of the client, considering the significant differences in culture and legal system in the U.S. and China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. In addition, many small to medium size business owns real property as part of the asset portfolio. Often time, to manage and profit from real estate are crucial to these businesses. Sharing your business goal in our mind, we provide effective legal due diligence and deal with complicated contract issues so you can focus on sealing the deal.

Civil Litigation

No matter you have experienced a car accident, or contract issues with the landlord, vendors or you are in a default situation, our firm will be on your side to find the best solutions for you. We keep in mind to assist our clients within their budgets. We understand life is full of accidents and lots of stress and sometimes even out of control; however, there is always a possibility to make it right and seek the justice you deserve through the legal system. With experiences in litigation, our firm can help you navigate the complex legal issues and represent you in these situations.

Family Law

Divorce can be devastating and heartbreaking, but it is also a journey to a new life and to restart. Acknowledging the irreconcilable difference between the two people is the first step towards freedom. Many reasons people get divorced- abuse, neglect, violence, and poverty. We understand how you struggle during or even before the divorce both emotionally and financially. But you don't have to be alone throughout the intimidating process. Our firm is ready to help you solve issues like property and debt division, legal decision-making (formerly as child custody), child support, parenting time arrangement, and request for spousal support. It is our goal to help more people walk away from the bad situation and pursue the lives they deserved.

Estate Planning and Probate Law

Estate planning is necessary for anyone; this can include any individuals, couples or family. Most people think only wealthy family requires such planning. On the contrary, this could be the most affordable legal method to preserve your assets, no matter how much you own. In fact, people with less assets should consider further to protect the hard-earning assets. Estate planning is a great way to help you prearrange everything that matters to you, including protecting your loved ones, your pets and yourself in the case of incapacitation. To properly plan for the estate, it should include at least a will, durable power of attorney, instructions for medical treatments, and most of the time, a living trust to avoid probate. But not everyone needs all of them. Depending on your goal and the amount of the assets, we will advise you the right tools to fit your need. We also represent our clients in pursuing adult guardianship to ensure the proposed ward is in good hands.


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