Cherryvale Elementary Media Center

Welcome to the Cherryvale Library! Even though we are not checking out books right now, I hope you are able to enjoy our eBooks and other fun activities.

Library hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 7AM to 2:30PM. Online resources are available 24/7.

Photo of Ms. Beaman

Sherry Beaman

Meet Your Librarian

I am your librarian, Ms. Beaman. I have taught second and third graders at Cherryvale for more than 20 years. This is my second year as a teacher librarian, and I love it! It is my goal to inspire the students of Cherryvale to grow in their love of reading and teach them to become library citizens. I am also striving to become a support and resource for Cherryvale's teachers, staff, and parents.

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