Hilltopper University


This site provides K-5 families with information and resources to enhance learning at home.

Hilltopper University strives to support the family, educator, and community partnership, which is crucial to every child's academic success.

Grades 9-12...coming soon!

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Meet Our Elementary Instructional Support Team

Caitlin Crimmins

Literacy Coach K-5

Jefferson and Washington

Email: ccrimmins@summit.k12.nj.us

Staci Kaplan

Literacy Coach K-5

Brayton and The Primary Centers

Email: skaplan@summit.k12.nj.us

Matt Santos

Literacy Coach K-5

Franklin and Lincoln-Hubbard

Email: msantos@summit.k12.nj.us

Brittany Schwartz

Enrichment Teacher K-5

Email: bschwartz@summit.k12.nj.us