Noyes Staff Making Some Noise

Mrs. Doyle (Principal)

I played guitar in high school. Our teacher had us playing The Doors a lot, which was fun.

Mrs. Maguire (Administrative Secretary)

I played the violin for a few months in the third grade.

I played Mary Had a Little Lamb at the winter concert and then quit because practice was before school at 7:30 AM!

Since then I have been specializing in music appreciation.

My husband plays guitar all the time and we always have some kind of music playing.

Mrs. Bradford (School Nurse)

My family was very musical. My father played alto sax in a professional jazz band when I was a kid, and on weekends would play his saxophone while listening to his jazz albums. I played the piano when I was in elementary school, then started playing the saxophone in 8th grade so that I could participate in the marching band in high school. I played in the marching, concert and jazz bands, and when I went to college, joined the BC Screaming Eagles marching band. It was tons of work, but also tons of fun. We traveled to other colleges for football games, and even went to Montreal and NYC for parades. During my junior year, we even traveled to Tokyo for the Mirage Bowl football game against Temple University. One of my sisters was also in the band, as well as a younger brother after I had graduated. I even met my husband - he played the sousaphone! I also joined the jazz band and we had concerts on campus during the year. Many of my siblings also played instruments, and we would play together, especially on Christmas Eve.

Ms. Chen (Kindergarten)

I played the piano from Kindergarten until I was a senior in high school, and had the same piano teacher until my last year. My new teacher had me play in my first (and only!) recital, and I was so nervous, I forgot what I was playing. My favorite though was singing - I sang in several choruses and musicals in junior high and high school. I still love to sing and dance around, even though I'm not great!

Ms. Caires (1st Grade)

I played the saxophone when I was in 5th and 6th grade in my school band.

I practiced a lot and got so good I was able to move up to a bigger and trickier saxophone.

I still have a saxophone and, while I don't practice as much, I still love to play it.

Mrs. Gordon (1st Grade)

I played the clarinet in 5th and 6th grade for the elementary and middle school bands.

Mr. Huelin (5th Grade)

I started playing the tuba when I joined the band in fourth grade. I had gone in thinking I wanted to be a drummer, but so many other students picked drums that I wanted to find something unique, which I certainly did! When I first started, I played with a 3/4 size tuba, but I still had to sit it on a stand between my legs in order to reach the mouthpiece. I continued playing tuba all through middle school and high school in concert bands, jazz bands, and even a ragtime band that I helped organize my senior year. I enjoyed it so much that my parents bought me my own tuba in middle school which I still have! When I went to college at BC I joined the Screaming Eagles Marching Band as a sousaphone player. I also played in the Pep Band under the direction of Dr. Mealey himself! It was a lot of work, but well worth it. I was able to travel with the football team to bowl games in Tuscon, Arizona and in Hawaii. I also was able to play at three college hockey frozen fours (one in Anaheim) and at two college hockey championship games. I loved playing the tuba and am grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that it provided me.

Mrs. B (Special Educator)

I started playing the piano when I was 4 years old and took lessons until I was 14.

Stopping my lessons is one of the things I regret the most and wish I had kept playing!

Mrs. Gogan (Librarian)

I took piano lessons in elementary school and did not love them, but I do love knowing how to play the piano when it happens to be around! The best part of piano lessons was learning how to read music. I used this when I was in Chorus, in Musical Theatre, and when learning to play the French Horn. (French Horn you ask? My sister played it so we already owned one!) I did then play French Horn in the high school band.

Mr. Caravaggio (Art)

I played the trumpet for a short time during fourth grade. Maybe "played" isn't the best word. Attempted to make noises with the instrument is more accurate. I had greater success in my Piano 1 class in college. Practice, practice, practice - and I got a A!

Mrs. Beverly (4th Grade)

I played the flute from fourth grade through eighth grade. Let's just say I have strengths other than music! ;-)

Mrs. Savage (5th Grade)

I played piano from k - high school and played flute from 4-10th grade.

I sang in chorus and concert choir in high school, and I was a cantor in my church though high school and college.

Mrs. O'Neil (Guidance)

When I was in elementary school, my cousins and I used to play music by the Monkees with instruments we made.

I filled tupperware containers with pebbles from my driveway and used them like the maracas that Davey Jones played.

Mr. Campbell (Custodian)

I played the sousaphone in 7th and 8th grade. The band had no one that wanted to play the sousaphone so I gave it try.

I eventually got good and had a solo part in the 8th grade concert. I didn't continue to play it in high school because of sports but wish I could of.

I was also the the bassist in my air guitar band growing up.

Mrs. Strauss (Learning Center Specialists)

I started playing the piano by ear when I was about 5 years old. My mom would demonstrate a part of what she was playing to me, and I would copy it. I thought that was a lot of fun, and felt very proud of myself for being able to 'be like mom'. When I was 8, I started taking private piano lessons, these continued until I went away to college. I mostly played classical, and when I play now, I still dig out my old music books. The Bach inventions were always my favorite! My husband plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass guitar. He has been in several bands. My son started taking guitar last August and was in the 8th grade band last year. He is having fun figuring out popular songs and playing with his dad. My daughter started playing the saxophone last June, and is in her school band this year.

Mrs. Libby (Kindergarten Assistant)

We had an upright piano in my childhood home and I took piano lessons for 3 years or so.

My favorite piece to play was Moonlight Sonata by Claude Debussy. It made me feel happy in a calm way.

And...just like my mother told me, I am sorry I did not continue.

I have a nice old upright in my basement that I try to play now and then and can still "read" music thanks to Mrs. Buttrick, who was my very patient teacher.

Ms. Richter (Literacy Specialist)

I started playing piano in second grade with my teacher, Miss Anderson, who lived up the street.

We had special concerts in her home. In 6th grade I started singing in choirs, small quartets, a cappella choirs,

and even got to conduct the MN orchestra when I was in high school. A couple of years ago, I tried the cello - boy, that's a challenging instrument.

One of my favorite things was playing drums with my teacher friends at Peter Noyes and dancing African dances with my students!

Mrs. Noce (Literacy Tutor)

I played the piano!

Mrs. Andrews (Learning Center Specialists)

I took piano lessons in second grade and have the luxury of owning a piano

so I still occasionally play Fur Elise and the Spinning Song for my children.

I also took mandolin lessons 3 years ago.

Mr. Gorgone (Music Teacher)

I have always had an interest in music. I remember banging on pots, pans, and buckets with wooden spoons before I had my own drum set. I started playing the saxophone in elementary school and continued through high school. I taught myself how to play the drums and guitar, and learned to play the piano once my mother labeled the letters of the keys for on my old Casio keyboard. I performed in concert band, marching band, jazz band, a cappella choir, mixed chorus, and various musicals throughout my schooling years. Below you will find a picture of me in high school playing at a jazz festival. Throughout college my love for music grew and I played in various bands and ensembles. Below you can find a picture of me playing keyboard and singing in my 17 piece funk band. Music has always brought great joy to my life, I feel so lucky to teach what I love!