English Language Arts

Sudbury Public Schools is committed to providing a rigorous and engaging curriculum in English Language Arts according to the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework. As a district we strive to offer many opportunities for students to grow as readers and writers in a community of learners, and to instill a life-long appreciation of literature. Please see the Parent Curriculum Guide for more information.

Want to promote reading at home? Here are some tips:

  • Reading is reading no matter where the words appear. Whether it's a comic book, science magazine, or an extensive series of novels, any piece of writing is also a piece of reading.
  • Need ideas? Start with your child's interests and hobbies. Look up books by topic or theme. Then find the genre your child is interested in - science fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.
  • Create a cozy and soft reading space for your child. Even a pillow against the wall with a lamp nearby can serve as a reading nook.
  • Model the behavior. Let your child see you read what you like, whether it's the sports pages or a lifestyle magazine. They may want to join you!
  • Librarians LOVE books and LOVE to help people find reading material. Contact your child's school or town librarian for ideas and suggestions.

Other Resources: