Welcome to the Peter Noyes School Library!

Barbara Gogan, School Librarian

Lissa Iwasaki, Library Assistant

“The story you are about to read is a work of fiction. Nothing - and everything - about it is real.” ― Todd Strasser

The most important thing parents can do to encourage their children to read is bring them to the public library.

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Mirror Book: A text in which you can see a reflection of your identity and experiences.

“When children cannot find themselves reflected in the books they read, or when the images they see are distorted, negative, or laughable, they learn a powerful lesson about how they are devalued in the society of which they are a part.”

Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors by Rudine Sims Bishop. 2009

Window Book : A text where readers may meet people who are not like themselves, who offer alternative worldviews.

Sliding Glass Door : A text where readers may step through and inhabit a world different from their own.

Bird cams in the library:


What do students do in the library?

All Noyes students have library once a week for 40 minutes. During this time, students may:

  • hear a story
  • have a lesson on using the library or on information literacy skills
  • have a lesson on Internet use and/or safety
  • have the opportunity to choose and check out books.
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