Chrome Apps & Extensions

District Management of Chrome Apps and extensions

Google Apps for Education allows school districts to manage Chrome apps and extensions for teachers and students. Managed apps and extensions are available when a user is logged onto a WL Google Account. There are two different ways that apps and extensions are made available to students and staff:

  1. Chrome apps and extensions can be “pre-installed,” meaning they are installed and ready to go when users log into Google with their district account - the user does not need to do anything.
  2. Chrome apps and extensions can also be “approved,” which means that users can go to the Chrome store and install desired apps and extensions that the district has approved.

Dec 2017: Google no longer supports Chrome APPS on Windows devices, only chromebooks. EXTENSIONS are supported on any device.

What are Chrome apps and extensions?

  • Chrome extensions add features and functionality to your browser. They are located on the right side of the web address bar.
  • Chrome apps are more like shortcuts to websites. They are located by clicking the apps icon in the lower left corner of a chromebook.

What apps and extensions are currently available for teachers and students?

Approved Walled Lake Chrome Apps and Extensions

What Are Chrome Apps? How do you Find and Install them from the Chrome Store? (6 min 30 sec)

Video by Eric Curts

What are Chrome Extensions? How do you Find and Install them from the Chrome Store? (10 min 30 sec)

Video created by Eric Curts

How to recommend apps and extensions for the Walled Lake domain

If possible, test out the app or extension on a personal Gmail account to determine its usefulness. Fill out a help desk ticket and include whether you recommend the app/extension is added for teachers and/or students. It is important that the district abide by user and privacy agreements.

Submit an online help desk ticket

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