Kearney's Gifted and Talented Education

(GATE) Program

Kearney's gifted program is designed to meet the needs of a group of students identified as academically gifted. Because gifted students excel markedly in the ability to think, reason, judge, invent, and create, they must have specialized educational services, materials, and an environment where these abilities are respected and developed.

The Kearney School District provides special services via a weekly pull out program for gifted students in 2nd-5th grades. The elementary gifted center is housed at Kearney Elementary and students attend one day a week. Middle school students (6th and 7th grade students) have gifted classes at Kearney Middle School during their core apps class.

GATE Referral Form
GATE Consent for Evaluation Form

Kearney's Gifted Facilitators:

Jennifer Chrane, 816-628-4113,

Abby Madison, 816-628-4113,

Assistant Superintendent of Special Programs:

Dr. Angie Currey, 816-628-2653 x24803,