Stephen Vincelette, Department Chair

Email: svincelette@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1006

Room: 311

Courses 2017-18: Honors Biology, Biology, Honors Chemistry

Audrey Buckley

Email: abuckley@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1481

Room: 309 & ASA207

Courses 2017-18: AP Biology, Earth and Space Science, Anatomy and Physiology

Neile DiNitto

Email: ndinitto@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1497

Room: 308

Courses 2017-18: Honors Earth and Space Science, Biology, Collections I-IV

Jacqueline Elmer

Email: jelmer@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1474

Room: 313

Courses 2017-18: Chemistry, Honors Chemistry

Rebecca Galoob

Email: rgaloob@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1117

Room: 314

Courses 2017-18: Environmental Biology, Earth and Space Science, Honors Biology

Jeffrey Johnson

Email: jjohnson@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1119

Room: 302

Courses 2017-18: Honors Biology, Biology, Honors Biotechnology

June Kinigstein

Email: jkinigstein@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1499

Room: 315

Courses 2017-18: Biology, Animal Behavior, Oceanography, AP Environmental Science

Mary Kutcher

Email: mkutcher@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1496

Room: 307

Courses 2017-18: Honors Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science

Michael Lobdell

Email: mlobdell@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1114

Room: 306

Courses 2017-18: PLTW Intro. to Biomedical Science, Biology, Honors Biology, Earth and Space Science

Stephanie Ottilige

Email: sottilige@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1113

Room: 304

Courses 2017-18: AP Physics I, AP Physics II, Earth and Space Science, AP Physics C

Nicole Russell

Email: nrussell@sksd-ri.net

Phone: 401-360-1495

Room: 305

Courses 2017-18: Honors Chemistry, Honors Earth and Space Science, Earth and Space Science