BASD recognizes that families and students are often seeking an educational format that is more flexible yet maintains a high level of rigor with a strong connection to the school community. The purpose of the BASD Virtual program is to provide a virtual learning mode to our BASD students closely aligned to our district vision and in-person educational goals. This revised virtual model replaces BOL and serves as a viable alternative for Cyber Charter Programs

Key Components:

  • Flexible, self-paced program that can be completed anywhere, anytime

  • Innovative, rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum from Accelerate Education

  • BASD teachers with related PA Certifications supporting students in most courses

  • Directly supervised by a BASD Administrator and supported by BASD counselors and specialists

  • Involvement in the BASD learning community with extra-curriculars, library, and select in-person events

  • Consistent platforms for learning across classes

    • Accelerate Education (Grades 1-12)

  • Available to all BASD students in 1st grade - 12th grade

  • Ability to enroll in in-person classes along with virtual classes

  • Receive BASD diploma

Please follow this link to learn more about the partnership with Accelerate Education for our BASD Virtual Academy.

Independent, online learning is a unique experience and may present several challenges to students and their families. Not all students have the same educational background, problem-solving skills, independent learning style, or ability to communicate effectively. Families need to consider the characteristics of an online learner before enrolling in the BASD Virtual Academy. In order for your child to meet with success in this mode of learning, please develop a plan of support for any areas that may be a challenge.

Click the image to the right for more information regarding the characteristics and qualities of a successful online learner.

Technology Information

  • BASD Virtual Academy students will be provided with a school-issued device.

  • Students must have reliable internet access and connectivity.

  • Internet stipend is available for qualifying families.

  • Technology support is available through our IT Help Desk.

Information for Students NEW to BASD

Thank you for your interest in the BASD Virtual Academy. We are very excited to offer this option to our families in grades 1-12 and look forward to welcoming new students to our district.

All families will need to officially enroll their incoming students with BASD through our student services office. More information on registration can be found on the BASD main page under Registration and Student Data at this link: https://www.boyertownasd.org/Domain/49.

If you have any questions, please contact us at BASDVirtualAcademy@BoyertownASD.org.

Families may also leave a voice message at the following numbers and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Elementary Virtual Families: 610-473-5388

Secondary Virtual Families: 610-473-3484