St. Sava Mission Foundation

Established  in 1962

Mission Statement

In 1962, members of the Serbian community in the United States incorporated and registered the St. Sava Mission Foundation Inc. (prior to September 1, 2007 known as the St. Sava Mission Corporation) with the State of California, with (from our original and still-current Constitution & By-Laws) the following Purpose

To preserve and promote the educational, charitable, cultural and other institutions of people of Serbian heritage.  To promote and maintain activities

commensurate and consistent with the ideals and teachings of our Serbian heritage.

At its incorporation in 1962, the Corporation became the owner and steward of the St. Sava Mission property in Jackson, Amador County, California (in the Sierra Nevada Mountain foothills, 50 miles east of Sacramento).

From its origins, the Corporation has been a Membership organization. Members elect a Board of Directors, and the Board selects its corporate Officers.

Through the past two generations of change in the world, change in the administration of our Church in north America, and change in the United States and the Old Country, the St. Sava Mission Foundation and its Members have steadfastly and reliably pursued the Purpose, Goals and Objectives of our founders: Serbs in America who wanted simply to preserve Serbian culture and heritage by caring for our elders, our children, and our community in the Western USA.

The St. Sava Mission Foundation and its Members and supporters have been selfless, devoted, generous and faithful stewards of the Mission properties for over 45 years. They have raised millions of dollars and donated tens of thousands of work hours to pay off all of the original mortgages, and build and maintain the Mission Camp buildings and Property for over four decades. The continuing use of the property for one of its original Objectives–the Children’s Camp–is a simple and strong testament to what Serbs in America can achieve.

Yet, there are important goals that need to be completed, and community needs that remain un-fulfilled that the St. Sava Mission Foundation remains devoted to. Even though Jackson, the USA, and the world have changed much since the 1960’s, and our community continues to evolve, we can see that the original Purpose and Vision of the Corporation are even more important than ever: to support and preserve Serbian culture and communities in the Western USA.

If you support these ideals and goals, please consider becoming a Member or Contributing to the Foundation!

Annual General Membership Meeting

Members are invited to join the annual membership meeting on July 6, 2024

Independence Day Celebration

Please join us for the 2024 St. Sava Mission Independence Day Celebration


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