Mission Statement

The Streetcar Strutters is a woman’s marching krewe and philanthropic organization formed in 2017 and based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We “STRUT” the historic St. Charles Streetcar Line every Mardi Gras Season and spread that intoxicating Crescent City Magic all year long.

Our mission is to celebrate, promote, and aid in the welfare of our community through various community service projects as well as raise awareness of the challenges and issues facing our beloved furry friends in the animal community.


We had our dancing debut at Decadence 2017 and look forward to adding several 2018 Mardi Gras parades to our resume. Again, the majority of the girls have danced for a few years in several Uptown Mardi Gras parades.

Community Involvement


This group of fantastic woman is 100% a group effort, but those that volunteer their time in an official Strutter Capacity include...


  • President: Keli Burgess
  • Vice – President: Elizabeth Radecker
  • Chair of the Board: Amanda S. Guth
  • Secretary: Mae Hill
  • Treasurer: Christina Moll


  • Dance Committee Chair: Yvonne Bryant & Meredith Brown
  • Costume Committee Chair: Tina Moll & Amanda Guth
  • Events Coordinator(s): Catfish Long & Andrea Lamb
  • Parade Coordinator(s): Katie Calabrese & Greta Garner
  • Public Relations: Dawn Baker & Mae Hill
  • Support Group Coordinator(s): Keli Burgess & Lauren Scandurro
  • Social Committee: Megan Boyle & Jamie Clark