Learning ZOne



At St Teresa's we have weekly wellbeing sessions for every class. These lessons help us to understand our feelings and develop strategies for resilience, tolerance, kindness and respect. We also foster an environment of positivity, which helps us to believe in ourselves.


Co-ordinating Conjunctions and Compound Sentences.mp4

Co-ordinating Conjunctions

Prepositions- Parent Guide.mp4


Word Classes.mp4

Word Classes

Subordinate Clauses.mp4

Subordinate Clauses and Conjunctions

Google Classroom

Having trouble with Google Classroom? see below for video tutorials.

Instructions for Playstation or Xbox.pdf

Playstation & Xbox on Google Classroom

Introduction to Google Classroom.mp4

Using Google Classroom

Using Jamboard.mp4

Using Jamboard

Submitting Google Docs and Slides.mp4

Create Docs & Slides in Google Classroom

Uploading and submitting a picture to an assignment.mp4

How to submit a picture on Google Classroom

Google Meet & Google Classroom Protocol.pdf

Google Meet & Google Classroom Protocol January 2021

Google Meet Expectations.pdf

Google Meet for Pupils