DIGADOHI: Lands, Cherokee, and the Trail of Tears

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DIGADOHI means lands in Cherokee and the story of their removal is recorded in the documents and archaeology at places along the Trail of Tears like the Snelson-Brinker farm in Missouri, and in the traditions and family histories of the Cherokee today. July 4th, 2017 the historic Snelson-Brinker cabin was burnt to the ground. A witness site to ethnic cleansing, the farm is one of the few sites on the Trail of Tears to be studied. Using cutting edge archaeological methods, STEM, and archival research, a group of community activists and Cherokee leaders work to rescue a historic property from the arsonist's flames and identify the graves of the Cherokee who died there.

Native American Heritage Program

Major funding for this film was provided by the Missouri Humanities Council, as part of its comprehensive Native American Heritage Program, which supports programs and projects that increase our understanding of the American Indian experience in Missouri through preservation, interpretation, and public programming. The MHC has been working for several years in partnership with the Cherokee Nation, the National Trails of Tears Association and the Missouri chapter, and the National Park Service, to identify and interpret the Trail of Tears through Missouri.

Western Michigan University

Funding for this film was also provided by the Western Michigan University Department of History Burnham-Macmillan Endowment Fund.


The producers also wish to thank our public television sponsoring station, WGVU.

Official Selection of the Tribal Film Festival (Aug 24, 2019)

Film Credits

Produced and Directed by: Monty Dobson

Co-Executive Producer: Andrew D. Devenney

Co-Producer: Joshua D. Koenig

Written by: Monty Dobson, Deborah Taffa, Joshua D. Koenig, and Andrew D. Devenney

Edited by: Monty Dobson and Daniel J. Bracken

Original Music Composed by: Christian Groves

Cinematography: William Stone, Patrick Mureithi

Aerial Cinematography: Justin Renaud, Judd Slivka

Titles and Visual Graphics: Ryan S. Smith