Mrs. Kelly

First Grade, Room 14

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's First Grade Class! Our room number is 14. We have 16 students in our classroom.



Student of the Week: Geo Buckley- Campos

Science Test- Chapter 3, Tues. 2/26/19

Social Studies Test- Unit 4, Wed. 2/27/19

Math Cumulative Benchmark Assessment will be given on Thurs., 2/21/19 and Fri. 2/22/19

*New photos are up in the photo section- be sure to check them out!

Morning Announcements: *** Due to the 2 Snow Days, everyone's announcement date that they were originally given will be pushed back 2 days! Room 14 would have started with Announcements on Wed. Feb 13th, but now our first student will go on Tues., Feb 19th and we will continue from there. First Grade will be doing the morning announcements for February! A script came home with your child's part highlighted on it, as well as the date they are doing the announcement. Please practice their part with them at home so they will be ready for their day!

Weekly Reading Test Update: Please continue to practice reading the weekly story with your child when the Reader comes home on Thursdays. Again, they will be responsible for reading the short comprehension selection on the Friday tests, and it will be their responsibility to read and gather information to answer the comprehension questions, as to prepare them for Second Grade. Also, students are now being asked to write a paragraph on the writing portion of their Friday tests (the back page). We have been working on paragraph writing for quite some time now, and writing one or 2 short sentences for the writing portion will no longer be acceptable. Students are told and encouraged to write multiple sentences, including details. Students will continue to bring their hard cover Reading books home on Thursdays to prepare for Friday Reading tests.

Weekly readers will begin coming home in folders on Mondays. These readers can be kept home and practiced all week.