National Tests

National Literacy and Numeracy Tests in Key Stage 3

In Wales, all learners in Years 2 through to 9 are assessed using the National Literacy and Numeracy Tests. The tests are held in May every year and you will find specific planned dates on the school calendar. In addition, a letter outlining arrangements for the tests will be sent to you in April.

National Reading Test

The Reading Tests are made up of short questions based on three texts. Some of the questions check how well the text has been understood, whilst others aim to test if students can make judgments about what they are reading. The test cannot provide any information on your child’s progress in writing or speaking and listening and so is just one of the areas a school will consider when evaluating a child’s literacy progress.

Students prepare for the reading test throughout the year by completing termly test resources in their English, R.S and History lessons. You can monitor your child's progress by the NRT Tracking and evaluation document found in their planner.

Sample questions linked to the Reading Test can be accessed following the link below:

National Numeracy Tests

There are two kinds of numeracy test:

  1. The Procedural Test measures skills in things like number, measuring and data.
  2. The Reasoning Test measures how well children can use what they know to solve everyday problems.

Students complete Procedural tests within their Maths lessons in the lead up to the tests. This year students have also completed reasoning tests during their geography lessons. The supporting resources used before the tests to remind students of the information they have covered in lesson are below.

Reasoning Test - Advice
Procedural Test Preparation

Sample questions linked to the numeracy tests can be accessed following the link below:

Like all tests, they just provide a snapshot of a child’s skills on any given day. Some students may not perform well on that day, and we are mindful of this. As a result, the school aims to use the data provided by the tests alongside a whole other range of progress data. Information on the full range of literacy and numeracy data we use within the school to measure progress can be found in the Literacy and Numeracy Intervention section.

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