St Modan's Digital Learning Team

Welcome to the St Modan's Digital Learning Website. Here you will find lots of useful links to help you keep learning at home. The digital learning team is here to help, and will endeavour to answer any questions you have. If we don't know the answer we'll find out for you! If you have a question please email Mr Raphael or Miss Henderson, or attend one of the weekly drop in sessions to get an answer to your question.

Pupil Access to Google Classroom

All pupils have a google email address, they should use this to login to their Chromebook or other device and engage with online learning via Google Classroom.

Pupils email addresses for logging onto their Chromebook as well as accessing google classroom follows the following format.

This gives the pupil access to both Google Classroom and their Google Drive. Forgotten passwords and user names can be retrieved my emailing:-

Parents can check on their pupils progress by being added as a guardian.

If you need to be added as a guardian please email:-

IT issues when working from home. If you are having any IT issues when working from home please get in touch with our team of Technicians who will be happy to help.

For Pupils

Click here to learn how to access digital learning at home on your device.

For Parents & Guardians

Click here to learn how to monitor your child's access to digital learning.