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"Sell More! Send the Right Signals" presented in April 2021 as part of a series of webinars given by the HCDC / Cincinatti Ohio.

I was the featured speaker, along with Chris Gibbons of the NCEG


Promotional Video created for the relationship between NCEG and the Preznc Report.

Underused and poorly edited ;-)


An international event, Guy Powell / CEO ProRelevant (my co-author of ROI of Social Media) steps myself and Michiel van de Watering / Accountable Marketing thru the concepts, tools and tactics of how brands measure and optimize their marketing to achieve higher ROI.

See my great recovery after dropping off in the middle of it! OMG!


"The competitive assessment provided by Preznc Report lays out a clear picture of not just what stage 2 growth companies can do, it gets right to the heart of what they should do with their digital marketing investments. The National Center for Economic Gardening has been working with Social Marketing Conversations since 2013 to both sharpen the research and provide to client companies a strong, strategic foundation for digital marketing. The data is highly regarded and client ratings are consistently high. We recommend it often in our work.""

Chris Gibbons / Founder & Chief Executive - National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG)

"Straight forward and engaging process which brings valuable information to the forefront, helping steer your business forward."

NCEG Engagement / April 2022

"Working with Steven and the team was a pleasure. They worked diligently to research and assist in furthering the growth of our company through their efforts. Our industry has many complicated channels to navigate, and the information provided will be useful in developing strategies to increase our outreach."

NCEG Engagement / December 2021

"The EG program was efficient and fairly painless and provided a wealth of information that will guide marketing decisions for our company, which was our focus. We would not have been able to have this level of market research available without the program. Best!"

NCEG Engagement / March 2022

How to Decorate Your Living Room Like a Shed

I’m not a decorator – do not even pretend to play one on TV.

I do not have a lavish décor in the office - I have a Mandalorian placard, the first poster I’d ever produced, which was for a local theater production of Mame, and one of the license plates from a car while I lived in Colorado.

If I were trying harder, I’d find a comfortable office chair that connects with a pattern in the rug, which plays off the color of the walls, etc, etc., etc. Being a boomer though, my most familiar color pallets might be a bit dated, but hey, it’s my place and I hang out in it – it can be what I want.

Another factor is that as I’ve moved from house to house and state to state, the furnishings that were just perfect for one space, in the last house no longer really fit well into the next. Something not always realized until the attempt to fit a sofa into a space made for either a smaller settee or space-eating sectional. These are all activities we pursue in an ongoing interest in trying to make a house our home – it’s what we humans do incessantly. As long as we stay in that house though, once arranged them or swapped various pieces, it becomes a home. Aside from the periodic refurb, things tend to stay where they are for as long as we reside there.

It becomes familiar and most cultures are comfortable with familiar. We like it there.

Put on your business hat now. Think about a retail space for a moment. Shift your perception to use the lens of a prospect or customer for a product or service. If you could, you’d incorporate experience and an understanding of buyer behavior. If it were based on data and research, so much the better.