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Steven Groves | Social Marketing Conversations

Steven Groves, Circa Q1 2021

Steven Groves 

Digital Marketing Strategist

Innovator / Change Creator

Economic Gardener & Entrepreneurial Community Supporter 

US Army Veteran

Digital Nomad

Sculptor in Metaverse Art


Supporting Marketers & Entrepreneurs Across America

A Passion & a Calling to Live Into

I operate within 3 companies, Social Marketing Conversations, LeadForce Solutions, and ProRelevant Marketing Solutions. Under those organizations, I've invented and been an active developer of a unique and proprietary online strategy methodology for second-stage companies, consumer-global-scale, enterprise clients, and almost everyone in between.  Have experience in mentoring entrepreneurs in start-up mode, creating growth strategies for companies, and working with US entrants from foreign markets

It's a concept I'll state here that not everyone has heard yet and it's particularly relevant to my work when I say that it's the first time in the history of the planet that humans can connect with one another, anywhere on the planet, regardless of time or place - with a device that fits in a convenient pocket...

I think we often miss what it means - again, never in the history of mankind has an entrepreneur had access to a global marketplace with such ease.  All businesses need to address the profound change in buying.

Now stay with me for a second - in 2011, when the ROI of Social media was published, there were 472,000,000 smartphones shipped. Today around 1.4B smartphones are sold every year, which means that now it's possible to post an instant message to around 80%+ of the humans of the planet and while they'll get it almost instantly, they can respond to it, if or whenever they choose. 

In these situations and others, I can help with accurate & strategically relevant research or well-designed campaigns that have a demonstrable impact - what's your vision? 

Companies & Teams

Social Marketing Conversations / Preznc Report®

In The Ocean That is Digital Marketing, We Give You a Shore to Swim To

The work includes the development of the next generation of SMB digital marketing analytics - Preznc® which has provided value for hundreds of companies in being able to understand the relevance and use of digital marketing strategy, tools, and tactics. After conducting accurate, basic research on thousands of companies, we're actually getting a pretty good handle on what actually works - and can show you the data on it. 

...and yes, Preznc is properly trademarked - I encourage its use and provide training & mentoring in using Preznc.

LeadForce Solutions

Digital Marketing LeadGen and Sales for Business

Leadforce Solutions (LFS) is focused to bring clients profitable business. I'm part of the team working to understand or develop a strategic architecture that provides a solid foundation for growth. Apply proven tactics for targeted brand messaging with expert marketing services, and you get a steady flow of qualified leads. 

As LFS, we also provide research, assessment, and mentoring for foreign companies entering the US.  We help businesses leverage opportunities and find a place of profitability in a global market.

I am VP of Client Strategy / Lead Strategist for LFS and have worked with them for over a decade. 

ProRelevant Marketing Solutions 

Stop Guessing. Know. Act. Win.

The team at ProRelevant is amazing. Experienced in advanced analytics that can be applied to EVERY form of marketing - traditional, digital, experiential, radio, TV, print, loyalty programs, etc., -  using an agent-based marketing analytics platform called MarketSim® to show what works, and more importantly, what doesn't when it comes to marketing spend. If ROI is a part of the culture, MarketSim needs to be a part of your toolkit.

Guy and I have worked together since 2010, first as co-authors and later as business associates. 

National Center for Economic Gardening® (NCEG)

Economic Gardening (EG) is the Gold Standard for an Entrepreneurial approach to Economic Development. 

Economic Gardening has received many, many awards including one from the International Economic Development Council. It's a powerful tactic that seeks to support Second-Stage companies in growth and recovery by using relevant research into the areas the business CAN impact.

Involvement National Strategic Resources Team (NSRT)

Being a part of the NSRT as an Independent Contractor, I've worked with Economic Develop Companies / Corporations (EDC's) around the country and their client for the NCEG. I've provides 2nd Stage Companies and active entrepreneurs both data and digital marketing insights they used to both grow and prosper in their local community. Beginning in 2021, I took the dual role of Team Lead and Digital Marketing Strategist.

EG has been a testbed for the Preznc Report® and I cannot express my gratitude and amazement at being part of such an amazing effort. EG is by far the most remarkable and exciting effort I've ever been involved in and helps a lot of companies.

Collective Experience & Interests

My interests are wide-ranging, varied, and sometimes eclectic. Total geek in the kitchen, travel regularly in a 40' Class A motorcoach, and have been playing Animal Crossing:New Horizons on teh Nintnedo Switch for more than a few years now for mental rest and refreshment. Recently, I've started learning how to use the metaverse as a workshop platform for sculpting and then being able to transfer them and 'print' them on a 3D printer.  Ask me how it's going and how well I've connected them to an NFT token. 

For a long time, I've been an early adopter of digital technologies. I've joined, used, and understand a number of online platforms including LinkedIn (Member # 11,005), Twitter (beta user), Google Glass (Glass Explorer), Meta, Second Life and dozens of others. 

As a younger man, I spent time in the US Army, assigned to a battalion aid station at Ft. Lewis in  Washington state as a 91B (medic). Fun times...

Why You Would Reach Out to Me and Where

Business-wise, if you're looking for a data-driven marketing strategist who can provide the data that shows what works,  can create strategies that get results, and impact revenues, you've found him. If you want to hear about marketing, its impact on humans, swap a recipe or just connect on LinkedIn, I'm in.

If you're an EG client and are interested in campaigns to update and improve your online presence, we can work with you once we're cleared it with your local economic development office - work in EG is based on research & data collection mainly - fill out the form or email me to set a call to discuss executable plans or engagements to gain steady improvement and education for the team.   

Reach out using this email or find me on LinkedIn

Nonprofit Involvement & Entrepreneurial Engagement

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are supporting citizens in every country to achieve dreams they might not realize on their own. I enjoy the energy and creativity that comes from Entrepreneurs and have sought work with entrepreneurial young men & women of color and those contending with recidivism. I've worked to establish 501(c)3 NGOs, where we organized, funded, and built a facility for special needs kids playing sports. I've also invested in exploring business with new start-ups, mentoring via NGOs to those willing and able to take the leap. I'm proud to be a part of and to work with them.

From early-stage start-ups (founding Community Organizer of the Charlotte NC 1MillionCups Community) to second-stage companies via the National Center for Economic Gardening (member of the National Strategic Resources Team), and as Social Marketing Conversations, where I enjoy working with clients to uncover Marketing ROI and optimize the online Preznc (pronouced 'presence')  regardless of the type of media or the size of the company.