Steven Groves


Steven Groves

Digital Marketing Strategist

Serial Entrepreneur

Innovator / Change Creator

Digital Polymath

Economic Gardener & Entrepreneurial Community Supporter

I live in North Carolina and work to support entrepreneurs across the country via Social Marketing Conversations, my 'boutique' marketing strategy company and ProRelevant Marketing Solutions with my partners. Working with entrepreneurs is a passion for me, regardless of what level they are. From early-stage start-up (founding Community Organizer of the local 1MillionCups Community) to second stage companies via the National Center for Economic Gardening (member of the National Strategic Resources Team) and beyond, to ProRelevant, where we work with enterprise clients to show Marketing ROI and optimize media spend regardless of the type of media.

The team at ProRelevant is experienced in use analytics applied to traditional, digital, experiential, radio, TV, print, loyalty program are all included in our revolutionary agent-based marketing analytics platform - MarketSim Agent-based Modeling Marketing Analytics®. My work includes the development of the next generation of SMB digital marketing analytics - Preznc Competitive Assessment® which has provided value for hundreds of companies in being able to understand the relevance and use of digital marketing strategy, tools and tactics.

My interests are wide-ranging and varied. Early-adopter of digital technologies covering a number of online platforms including LinkedIn (Member # 11,005), Twitter (beta user), Google Glass (Glass Explorer) and dozens of others.

If you're looking for a data-driven marketing strategist who knows what works and can improve prospect flow and impact revenues, you've found him. Reach out using the form below or email me at