Why should I go to college?

Going to college opens up a number of doors and opportunities for you! Not only does it allow you to explore your interests and passions, but college also is great for developing soft skills for daily and job use. Across the Midwest there is a skills deficit. This means that people who have college degrees are in higher demand. Additionally, in Missouri, about 2/3 of jobs in growing markets and industries require applicants to have some form of college degree. This only leaves 1/3 of the opportunities for those without a college degree.

Attending college allows a thriving environment for not only professional development, but personal growth as well. You may have heard college described as "the best four years" of someone's life. For many this is true, as the experiences and opportunities created in college environments is abundant.

There are a countless ways to answer this question. The College Board explains some more of the reasons in depth.

There is a best fit and match institution for each student at St. Clair High and across Missouri. Set up a meeting with me to discuss what fit and match mean, and how to determine yours!

When should I start my college decision making process?

The ideal time to start thinking about and planning for college is the end of your junior year, or the summer before your senior year. During the fall semester of senior year a good portion of time should be spent on applying to colleges. Check out the College Applications page for more info on the application process.

How many schools should I apply to?

Applying for 5 different schools is an ideal amount! It may seem daunting, but the Common App is a great way to apply for multiple schools at once. However, the school must be a part of the Common App network for the Common App to work.

If you choose not to utilize Common App, pacing your applications and stopping by my office for assistance is always an option and encouraged! Most public institutions and community colleges don't require an admissions essay, which makes the process a little easier.

When should I start submitting applications?

Most universities offer rolling admissions, which means they accept and process applications throughout the academic year. However, some schools may have priority deadlines, early action, and early decision deadlines as well. Make sure to check with the schools you are interested in to identify and early deadlines. To learn more about early action and early decision, click here!

Set a goal for yourself to have all your applications in by the end of the fall semester. This will make your spring semester easier and allow you time to focus on financial aid, making your decision, and preparing for your transition to college while finishing out senior year strong!

Why should i apply for the fafsa? I probably won't get aid anyway.

Submitting and completing the FAFSA is one of the most instrumental parts of the college-going process. Even if you think you won't get any aid, the FAFSA takes various circumstances and financial situations into perspective to each application. You can't know if you won't receive anything unless you submit! The Department of Ed made a website debunking various myths regarding the FAFSA!

What is the ACT and why do i need to take it?

The ACT is a standardized test created to measure academic success and college readiness. It is important to take the ACT for a number of reasons. First off, most colleges require ACT scores for admission as well as using scores to help determine automatic merit based scholarships.

You can take that ACT as many times as you want to get a score that you are satisfied with. Check out the ACT page on this site or come and talk to me about prepping for this test and registration assistance.