PSHE and Citizenship

What are the aims and philosophy of PSHE and Citizenship at St Bonaventure’s?

The aim of the PSHE and Citizenship programme at St Bonaventure’s is to enable and encourage all of our students to acquire the skills, understanding and key knowledge they need to thrive as individuals in all aspects of their life and to become active and responsible citizens who contribute to our society - as Pope Francis describes it, "an education in the fullness of humanity". At the centre of all that we do as a faith community, is the understanding that each human person is made in the image and likeness of God. Our curriculum therefore, underpins the Catholic ethos and Mission of the School and is a catalyst for the School’s principal role of teaching our students to grow and flourish as responsible Catholics in our society.

What content is covered in PSHE and Citizenship?

PSHE and Citizenship covers a broad range of topics: from teaching students how to manage their money sensibly, to educating students on how the UK Parliament operates, to exploring and understanding mental health.

At St. Bonaventure’s, we have divided this content into five key strands:


Health and Wellbeing

Politics and Law


Relationships and Sex

Throughout their time at St. Bonaventure's, students will participate in lessons and activities, both inside and outside of the classroom designed to develop their understanding of the world, their community, and their own development, both as individuals, and as productive and positive members of society. In addition to PSHE & Citizenship content being covered by subject teachers in their own subject lessons, students will also participate in "Personal Development Days", days specifically dedicated to the teaching of PSHE & Citizenship content.

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