Colorado GDL Toolkit

What Are Graduated Driver Licensing Laws?

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws are a set of laws that each state has to reduce risk and fatal crashes involving young drivers.

GDL laws provide young drivers with an opportunity to safely gain driving experience before graduating to full driving privileges.

About the Colorado GDL Toolkit

Purpose of the Colorado GDL Toolkit

Colorado’s GDL Toolkit is a resource for Colorado young drivers, their families, and entire communities to more easily navigate the state's graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws and to help strengthen GDL systems, education and adherence across the state by supporting young drivers through the GDL process.

Who is this toolkit for?

The GDL Toolkit is a resource for those who educate on, adhere to, and uphold Colorado’s GDL laws. Young drivers, their parents & caregivers, and the additional networks and communities that support them will find current, accessible and relevant resources pertaining to Colorado’s GDL laws inside the toolkit.

What's inside the toolkit?

Inside the toolkit, users will find relevant, accessible and evidence-based GDL resources for:

Additional resources in the toolkit include:

  • GDL best-practices and ways to connect with Colorado youth on driving safety topics

  • Current GDL data

  • Available GDL trainings, presentations and learning opportunities

  • GDL fact sheets, talking points and other tools to help you communicate about GDL in your community

Where to start?

  • To start learning more about Colorado's GDL laws, you can read about GDL to learn what the Graduated Driver Licensing system is, GDL laws specific to Colorado, and reasons why these laws are effective in preventing traffic injuries and fatalities involving young drivers.

  • With a better understanding of what GDL laws are and how they are effective, you can then explore available, evidence-based GDL resources to help you talk about safe driving with friends and family as well as strengthen GDL systems in your community.