Campaign Options

StartEngine features a Campaign Options where you will be able to manage who can respond to comments on your page, post updates, adjust social media language, and set your tracking pixels. All of these are powerful tools that allows you to communicate with your existing and potential investors.

You will only have access to this page once your campaign is approved by StartEngine.

To get to Campaign Options, login to the StartEngine account and click your name in the top right corner.

Once in Campaign Options, you should see the four different sections:

Manage Campaign Promotors

The beauty of crowdfunding is that it allows everyone to be involved in the fundraising process. With Online Public Offerings, potential investors are able to ask you questions directly to the company, through the "Engage" section of the campaign page. You will be able to respond to these by going to the Manage Campaign Promotors tab.

You, and anyone in your company is required to be labeled a "Promotor" or "Issuer" when responding to these comments, so this must be done before you respond to the comments. You simply click, "Add Promotor", and Enter in the email address (associated with a StartEngine account) of the user you want to have listed as a promotor/issuer.

Manage Social Media

Getting an investor is great. Getting an investor to share their excitement with all of their friends and family, that is is even better! Here you will be able to customize the share message that will appear on the "Congratulations" page whenever an investor submits the investment. With a click of a button, they will be able to share a message you crafted on twitter, facebook or instagram!

Manage Pixels

Having real-time analytics is a must. It is important to track which of your marketing efforts are producing the best results, and which ones might not be as successful as well as to learn more about the traffic coming to your campaign page.

You are able to integrate your existing analytics tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager and segment into your own StartEngine campaign to track your different marketing efforts. This should allow you to evaluate which actions have been more successfull in driving traffic to your site, which ones have converted to the most investments, and which efforts have not been as effective.

Not only will this allow you to place your Facebook, Google and Segment ID's, the Manage Pixels tab will help you link your Gleam Social Contest to your StartEngine Campaign.

For more specific information on how to set up analytics tracking please refer to our page on Tracking the Campaign.

For more specific information about how to set and connect your up a Gleam Contest to startEngine, please go to the article about Preparing Your Social Contest

Manage Updates

StartEngine Updates are a powerful tool that allows you and your company to communicate directly with your current investors and followers. When you post an update, it will automatically send an email and create a post visible in the "Engage" section of your campaign page. You should use this section as a way to keep your community engaged and involved with any exciting company news, campaign progress or milestones reached.

For more information about how to utilize the Updates tab and other community outreach, feel free to refer to our Marketing Strategies .

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