Art Dept. field visit

In October 2023, the Art Department visited the newly renovated Buffalo AKG art museum.  Students will have the opportunity to attend field trips this school year for FREE with the Art'scool program.  Mrs. Tomasello will be bringing High School students in Nov. 2023. Ms. Alvarez and Miss Daigle will be bringing Middle School students in May 2024.  Mr. Root will be bringing Fricano students in May 2024 as well.

Art Dept. Workshop

The Art Department visited UNTITLED Studios for professional development in January 2022.  We toured 5 local artist's studios and then created artwork with two of the artists in their studio space.  Artists, Alyssa Capri and Rich Tomasello shared new art techniques for our students, grant opportunities and the inspiration driving their need to create.


The Starpoint Art Department (K-12) is committed to empowering students through their artistic voice and self-expression. As an art department, we aim to foster creativity by encouraging risk taking, developing art skills, and providing tools to enhance visual literacy. Students will establish meaningful connections to the world around us by creating art that demonstrates critical thinking, problem solving, and personal insight.

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