Title i / Lap reading

elger bay elementary

Welcome to our Title i/LAP reading support program!

We provide supplemental reading support for students who are reading below grade level to help close the achievement gap. Students are identified through a schoolwide ranking of assessments and are served and monitored for progress by our Title I/LAP team. Currently students in kindergarten through second grades are being served through a small group pullout model. All of our students are monitored for progress every other week. We support classroom lessons with our district's adopted reading program, Journeys, and phonics skills with the Really Great Reading program. Please check out our Learning Resources, Newsletters and Reading Tips pages for ways to help your child at home.

Learn what it takes to become a strong reader and writer — and discover lots of easy literacy-building activities to do with your child at home. (Created in partnership with the National Education Association)

Nonfiction books give kids a chance to learn new concepts and vocabulary, as well as broaden their view of the world. Learn how to take a "book walk" with a new nonfiction book and model active reading. (in English and Spanish)

Uncover some great fiction and nonfiction books about rain, wind, and big storms; tornado poetry (and other writing prompts); kid-friendly weather apps; and a set of easy hands-on activities. Keep a weather diary, cook up some kitchen snowflakes, explore the wind, create your own magical rainstick, and more.

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