SAVHS Registration

General Information for 2018-2019 Registration

  • This registration website presents the course offerings for the 2018-19 school year. These courses will be taught only if enough students sign up for the individual courses.
  • After a thorough study of this registration information, students are requested to select courses for next year. These courses should be discussed thoughtfully with parents/guardians and teachers prior to actual registration.
  • It is crucial to make sound and appropriate course selections as in most cases it will not be possible to change course selections after the initial registration.


Ninth grade students must maintain seven courses each semester and students in grades 10-12 must maintain six courses each semester.

Student Schedule Changes

Students are encouraged to plan programs carefully. Schedule changes after the initial registration may be made only for the following reasons:

If the student…

-failed a course which would affect the schedule sequence

-needs a course to meet graduation requirements

-had placement/scheduling errors

Exceptions would be a mutual agreement between teachers, students, and families, and the school counselor because of placement error (i.e. math level, science placement, etc.).

All changes to schedules will be made through the counselor's office.


Students will have ten (10) school days to make schedule changes. All changes beyond ten (10) school days will result in a grade of No Credit (NC) on official transcripts. A grade of No Credit (NC) is the GPA equivalent of a failing grade.


Beginning for the 2018-2019 school year, students will no longer earn credit for Student Aide or SAV Prep. Students in grades 11 & 12 who want to register for a study period will be allowed one hour per semester for zero credit. Students who plan to aide for the office or a classroom teacher will be allowed to continue with this practice for zero credit.

The registration code for SAV Prep (study period) is 0800A for 1st Semester and 0800B for 2nd Semester. Office and Teacher Aide will be determined after the semester starts. Forms will be available at the beginning of each semester to register for this option.

2018-2019 Registration Guide updated.pdf

Students need 46 credits to graduate from St. Anthony Village High School. This registration website is divided into grade levels. Please refer to the grade level website appropriate for the 2018-2019 school year.

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The entire Registration Guide is available in the document above.

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Heather Berndt (Current 8th and 9th Grade Students)

Kate Edwards (Current 10th and 11th Grade Students)