Principal Investigator

photo credit: Alison Yin / AP Images for HHMI

Nicolas Aponte Altemose, DPhil, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, Stanford University

I completed training in computational genomics, statistics, bioengineering, and molecular biology before opening the Altemose Lab at Stanford in July 2023. Our research is focused on developing and applying new methods to map protein-DNA interactions in the human genome with the aim of studying centromeres and heterochromatin. As a principal investigator, I want my research group to be known for using creative approaches to tackle difficult biological questions; for creating a supportive, inclusive, and exciting environment in which to train as a scientist; and for being generous with our expertise and resources in the service of others. I am proudly gay and Bolivian American, and I live in San Francisco with my husband and our very adorable cat.

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Nicolas Altemose Nick Altemose

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