Biography of Phyl Smith

From a very young age, I would ravenously devour the works of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard and I would read as many history books I could get my hands on, marvelling at the centuries of struggles, sacrifices, and hardships my countryfolk endured, all the while paving their own way in the world with their written word, their hopes and beliefs, and their abiding fortitude; whether fighting the battle for sovereignty or by inventing a better world for all of us to live in. All this instilled an enduring sense of pride in me, inspiring me to always carry a banner of Scottish pride wherever I travelled in my life...from Scotland, to Africa, and to America.  But I, by no means, stand alone in carrying that banner. Scots everywhere in the world share an inherent sense of pride in carrying it too, whether they are a natural born Scot or are of Scottish ancestry. 

Sir Walter Scott once wrote: “Where is the Scot that has no pride for such a land as Scotland?”  Where indeed.