Red & Gold 

During the school year the child must be enrolled in a St Agnes school program to attend the Red & Gold program.  Example:  If your son is in Preschool on Tuesday/Thursdays, they can only attend Red & Gold childcare those days.  If your 1st grader has a dental appt at 11:00 but never checks back into her classroom, she will not be able to attend Red & Gold. 

Red & Gold Childcare Program and St Agnes School run independently of each other.  A tuition payment will be made at the school office with Renae Kimball (checks made out to St Agnes School).  Tammy will send a statement at the end of the month with your Red & Gold total, this invoice is due by the 10th of the next month (checks made out to Red & Gold).  

All day care for Preschoolers

Preschool Morning Class  

Preschool Afternoon Class

Director:  Tammy Assmus

What does St. Agnes Red and Gold Offer?

Low Rates- $3.00 an hour per child during the School Year.  During the summer program students are contracted for whole days, parents can choose the days.  

Experienced Staff- All staff have at least 3 years of experience with children and meet state requirements for education and training 

State Licensed- all our childcare programs are licensed by the state of South Dakota.