I made a decision in 2008 that I did not wish to return to corporate life but wished to follow my passion for gardening. So with my husband Simon, we decided to open the Stackyard Nursery. The land at Mendlesham in Suffolk of just over 10 acres had been left to Simon by his Mother and Grandmother who used to live in the house next door. We had nothing on site except some old shipping containers. No water or electricity.

Our plan was to focus on the customer who needed some help in deciding what they need to plant or how they should alter their garden to tailor it to their needs. We soon found that many of these customers wanted more than a quick chat but less than the traditional garden design service that we offered. So for a flat fee, I would visit their garden and offer my advice on all aspects of a Suffolk garden. The charge for this service remains only £100 with travel at £1 per mile.

My name is Karon (If you are wondering about the spelling I am part Italian) so if I can help you with your garden or home just give me a call on my mobile 07951 590057 or email karon@stakyard-nursery.com