Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers education helps young people to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to make well-informed choices and plans for their future.

Through Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) pupils will:

  • understand the skills and qualifications that they need to pursue their ambitions
  • be able to investigate employment opportunities based on local Labour Market Information (LMI)
  • make challenging but realistic plans for their future learning and employment
  • understand the full range of learning opportunities including local colleges, apprenticeships and training providers.

The Careers Programme at St Chad's

St Chad’s is working very closely with Career Connect. This partnership aims to strengthen links further with local industry, developing a better understanding of the local opportunities. Together we are committed to working towards achieving the eight Gatsby Benchmarks (please link to highlighted below) of good career guidance.

Careers education is delivered through dedicated PSHE sessions and subject staff are committed to raising awareness in their curriculum area. Pupils benefit from a wide range of excellent inspirational enrichment and activities across all year groups. They also receive vital impartial CEIAG delivered by our Career Connect Adviser, Carol Fardoe, who can be contacted by email at

Every September, pupils begin each subject with a "My Career Journey" lesson. These lessons are specifically designed to highlight the possible career opportunities that each subject could offer. This is reinforced throughout the year with subject teachers including case studies of real people who have progressed from studying their subject into the world of work and the educational journey that they took along the way. The school is also very committed to hearing from past pupils about their journey after St Chad’s and celebrating their achievements.

PSHE careers provision and CEIAG is reviewed annually and developments implemented before the start of each new academic year. Termly review meetings take place with the Careers Lead, Careers Coordinator, PSHE Coordinator, and Career Connect Adviser to ensure that pupil voice surveys, parent survey feedback and school council feedback are taken into account.

Pupils have access to the newly launched Get Connected Portal where they can keep a record of their skills, careers experiences and careers research. This enables them reflect and to create a printable record that they can take with them as they further their careers journey armed with accurate, up to date information.

Please follow the links below for more information about the careers programme for each year group:

Year 7

At the beginning of year 7 all pupils are introduced to the online careers information in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) during Tutor time. Here they are introduced to where they can evaluate their personal qualities and skills. Pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of the wide range of careers that exist.

Year 8

In lessons and in Tutor time pupils continue to develop their awareness of the local employment opportunities. Year 8 Options Day provides pupils with the information they need to choose the right GCSE subjects for them to progress on their journey to find the right career. Parents are then invited to attend an Options Evening to support their child in the decision making process, ensuring that the GCSE choices are suitable for their child to progress towards their future pathways.

Year 9

Through PSHE Careers lessons pupils explore the labour market in the local context. Raising awareness of the employment opportunities that exist instils in our pupils the desire to achieve well. Pupils also produce a draft of their career plan and how to compile a CV.

Year 10

Career Connect are working closely with Year 10 pupils to raise aspirations. During year 10 pupils continue to explore post-16 education and employment opportunities. Local employers and education providers work closely with pupils to give them a better understanding of the world of work and higher education. Pupils also attend university visits and the Halton Skills Show. Pupils also have a Study Skills session in school, delivered by Career Connect where they learn how to learn new skills and organise themselves more effectively in regards to their revision. In PSHE they produce a CV and a personal statement.

Year 11

Students are offered the opportunity to visit universities to experience higher education. All Year 11 students have a 1:1 Careers Guidance Session with the Careers Adviser who offers each individual expert and impartial advice about the routes of further study and apprenticeships available to them. A Careers Fair is held for all students and they have the opportunity to speak to various professionals and organisations, in order to help with their post-16 choices. Students are invited to attend workshops and presentations with outside speakers regarding various post-16 routes. In addition, each student will have at least one 1:1 careers meeting with either the Deputy Head, Assistant Heads or Pupil Progress Coordinators.

Sixth Form Programme

PSHE delivered by staff is supplemented by assemblies and visits from employers, apprenticeship providers and universities which provide further advice and guidance. All students have a 1:1 session with our Career Connect Advisor as well as 1:1 mock interviews with local employers. Career Connect provides a tailor made package of support regarding university aspirations and a variety of university and outside speakers attend to offer first hand advice on the best way to pursue and apply for Higher Education courses. Local employers from industry are invited into school to give pupils meaningful contact with the real world of work. If parents/carers are able to provide support via employer talks, mock interviews, exhibits at the careers fair etc. please contact