Physical Education

"Fitness is our focus"

The Physical Education program at Piner High School focuses on personal fitness, lifelong physical activities and a healthy lifestyle.

At Piner High School, we offer a wide range of traditional and elective PE classes. Our traditional PE classes are PE-1 and PE-2. PE-1 consists of single and dual activities/sports, personal fitness activities, and classroom components that focus on the benefits of being active, nutrition, the human body, and mental/physical well-being. PE-2 consists of team activities/sports, personal fitness, and a cardiovascular endurance component.

Our elective courses are sport-specific and semester-long classes. The focus is on building better skills, learning new strategies and improving personal fitness. We offer Weight Training, Basketball, Soccer, and Yoga.

Physical Education is a four-semester/20 unit graduation requirement. We feel it is important to every student's well-being that they engage in exercise every day. It is the student's responsibility to dress for activity in the appropriate active clothing to participate.

The PE Student of the month for January is Leah Farrell.Congratulations to the PE student of the month Leah Farrell! Leah is an outstanding student. She always gives 100% everyday, even after a hard practice the day before. She comes to class with a positive attitude daily, and helps out in any way she can! Thank you for being so great Leah! From- Ms. Thiele and the entire PE department!

The PE Student of the month for December is Fernando Nunez. Fernando is in Ms. Matthew's 4th period and consistently goes above and beyond in class. He gives his best effort every day, is encouraging of his classmates, and is always willing to help pick up our environment at the end of the period. Ms. Matthew really enjoys having him in class as he exemplifies Piner's principles of being safe, respectful, and responsible. Congrats from Ms. Matthew and the entire PE Department!

The PE Student of the month for November is Fabian Gonzalez. Fabian currently is enrolled in weight-training. With consistency he refuses to settle for just being outstanding. His desire to always strive to go above and beyond is a great quality. Not only is Fabian a role model for fellow PE Prospectors on campus, it’s common to see Fabian helping to keep our campus clean by volunteering his time and effort during his Upward Bound class to keep our campus clean and our environment green.

Congratulations from Mr. Aubin and the entire PE department!

The PE student of the month for October is Angelina Curtis. Angelina was selected by her peers for always engaging in our Yoga class with her full effort and attention. In addition, she is a supportive friend and classmate, by listening to those around her. Angelina is a phenomenal asset to our school. Congratulations from Ms. Langhals and the entire PE department!