By dining at a participating restaurant, that restaurant will donate a percentage of your bill to St. Pius.

To use Snapcause, download free phone app. Create an account(will only need an email address and password). In settings, select our cause to donate your funds to (Saint Pius X School). When you are eating out, USE the app to locate a participating restaurant. Any restaurant that is a member of the Snapcause system will appear in your phone--along with the percentage donation they will be offering by time of day (and day of week). After you pay, make sure to ask for a receipt and then snap a picture of the receipt via the phone app. Once you take the picture, review to make sure it can be read and then select save. You will then be prompted to select which cause you are donating to, hit select and you are done.


Visit and enter Pius or our ID (23629) to register your card for SPX today!

That is all it takes. Each time you shop at Giant using your BonusCard, you will earn CASH for our school! Our school will receive a check at the end of the program.

How do I support a school?

To support a school (up to two schools can be supported):

  • You need your 11-digit BONUSCARD� number found on the back of the card
  • Beginning SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 Visit click on SIGN IN (top right) to log on to your online account or click REGISTER to create your on-line account. Once you are logged in to your account, you can select a school for A+ Rewards.
  • Or you can call the BONUSCARD� Hotline at 1-888-814-4268 and select Option #1 for assistance.
  • If you have a BONUSCARD� but do not know your 11-digit BONUSCARD� number, call the BONUSCARD� HOTLINE at 1-888-814-4268 and select Option #1.



Present your Swiss Farms card each time you shop and YOU will receive a 5% discount on your purchase & SPX school will also earn 3% back!


Link your Red Card to SPX and we earn up to 1% of your total purchases. Your information remains confidential AND St. Pius X earns money!

Click here to learn more or link your card.


Anyone who currently has an account with TD Bank simply can call the Lawrence Park Branch at (610)359-9240 & tell them you want to link your current account to the St. Pius X Affinity Program. If you do not have any accounts there and are interested in supporting this program, open an account and have it linked to St. Pius X. We earn money based on the total amount in the accounts linked to our school. Your account information remains completely confidential and this does not cost a dime!