SPHS Summer Assignments Page

Welcome to the South Pasadena High School summer assignments page!

You will find the summer assignments for all of these AP/Honors/Accelerated courses using the navigation on the left of the page.

South Pasadena High School offers many rigorous, challenging courses that help to prepare students for college and beyond. In order to prepare students for these courses, summer assignments have been created to help students be prepared for the start of the school year. These assignments are designed for students to review previously taught concepts, get a head start on introductory topics, and prepare them for the coursework expectations that they will have this upcoming school year. For all of these assignments, students should focus on their understanding of concepts, skills, and their ability to analyze rather than simply writing down an answer. Please read the instructions carefully and complete the assignments before the first week of instruction in August. Many of these assignments will be tested within the first week of school.