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4th Grade Family!

Welcome to the 4th Grade Homework Page

We know that we are going to have a great year!

Our Homework Policy

Homework is expected to be completed and in class the day it is due. If that does not happen, the following policy is enforced:

1. Students are allowed one missed assignment, per month, by using his or her H.O.T. ticket.

2. Missed assignments are marked as a check minus in my grade book. If a student has missed 3 assignments, and a half point will be deducted from their average.

3. If a student receives 3 missed assignments (Missed Assignments include homework that was not completed, AS WELL AS homework that was completed, but left at home) a “Homework Alert” slip will be sent home. It must be signed by a parent & returned the next day.

4.The 4th missed assignment will result in a half hour detention after school. Day & time will be agreed upon by parent & teacher.

*Students begin each trimester with a "clean slate"!

*Homework Passes or Hot Ticket may NOT be used for book reports, projects, long-term assignments, and Social Studies or Science class.

*** Please note: Students are allowed to carry textbooks in their hands to lighten the weight of their backpacks in order to avoid a back and/or neck injury.

Thank you.

Grading Scale

A- 5 - Excellent - 93-100

B- 4 - Above Avg. - 85-92

C- 3 - Average - 75-84

D- 2 - Below Avg. - 70-74

F- 1 - Fix - 70 & below