Springpoint and Partners to Launch Mastery Communications Week

Post date: Aug 1, 2017 4:38:06 PM

This post and all pictures originally appeared on Springpoint's blog, The Launch Pad.

Mastery-based learning is a growing movement across the country that can promote rigor and increase transparency in the classroom. But how can we ensure that all stakeholders including students, parents, community partners, and postsecondary institutions share that understanding?

From August 14 – 18th Springpoint and several national partners will spotlight insights and best practices for mastery communications strategies. This week of digital sharing and online collaboration will help schools and districts develop their communications plans.

Each day during Mastery Week, we will feature an article from one organization on a specific area of mastery communications on our Mastery Week site. You’ll also find stories and resources from practitioners that illuminate successful approaches. We encourage everyone to share useful content and join the conversation on social media and other platforms.

Organized by Springpoint, Mastery Communications Week is a collaboration with Great Schools Partnership, Mastery Collaborative, Next Generation Learning Challenges, and KnowledgeWorks, GettingSmart, reDesign, CompetencyWorks, and iNACOL. We hope this week sparks thoughtful conversations and provides useful tools for educators implementing or seeking to implement mastery-based learning in their schools. Visit www.masteryweek.org or join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #MasteryWeek.

For more details on what we will be sharing out each day, take a look at our Mastery Week flyer.