Mrs. Sharpe's 3/4 Class

Dear Families,

Welcome back! Beginning on Monday, August 31st, we will be back in school. Things will be a little different when we start. I have created 3 different google classrooms. There is one for Cohort A, this is for the students that come to school on Monday and Tuesday. There is one for Cohort B, this is for the students that come to school on Thursday and Friday. The last one is Cohort C, this one is for the students who have chosen distance learning. I will be posting student assignments for the students that are not in school on these sites. They will also be able to view our live lessons on the days that they are not in school. I will also post links to websites, resources, and printable activities for the students. To access the work please click on the Distant learning page and then click on google classroom. The student will have to log into their google account and join our classroom, The code for Cohort A it is "7mqvpvd". For Cohort B it is "C2pnfip". Cohort C it is "or2yuny". Once into our google classroom they can click on the individual assignments to complete.

How to sign into your google account- their usernames are going to be their year of graduation followed by their first initial and last name Once in there they can access google classroom and they will see their assignments posted there. They can also post their finished assignments there for me to view.

I will be available everyday to help answer questions or explain assignments to students on the days that they are home and for the students who are doing complete distance learning. There is also a help desk with a staff member to provide help to students also. Fell free though to contact me anytime through either Class dojo or email-

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon.


Mrs. Sharpe