Interesting trails and not simple excursions, but proper outdoor courses,

ideal for both beginners and sport pros alike

All the activities are planned according to your level

Small groups for each activity, so that you can be supported in the best way

You will have certified expert guides and instructors with cutting-edge equipment at your disposal

Typical lunch at special prices!

Basic insurance included (upgrade possibility).


FAMILY - Outdoor activities for you and your kids

  • you are travelling with 6-14 year-olds who enjoy playing outdoors and are keen to try new activities

  • you sometimes do sport, but you have quite a sedentary life-style

  • you are looking for easy itineraries, ideal for kids, and activities that are not too demanding

ACTIVE - You like sport, but without too much commitment

  • you are at least 12 years old

  • you have quite a sedentary life-style, but you sometimes need to do sports activities to get rid of the stress and feel healthy

  • you are looking for easy itineraries, on easy tracks, without demanding hill-climbs and with breathtaking views

  • you are looking for activities that are not too demanding (and that you would be trying for the first time)

ADVENTURE - You regularly do sporting activities throughout the year

  • you are at least 15 years old

  • you train regularly, but not excessively

  • you are looking for fairly demanding activities (you wouldn't be trying them for the first time)

  • you want improve your technical skills and physical condition, without having to deal with hard itineraries

EXPERT - You like setting yourself challenges and competing with friends

  • you are at least 18 years old

  • you love sport and train regularly/intensively

  • you are looking for technically-difficult itineraries

  • you are looking for challenging activities (you tried them before and you're almost a pro)


Nature and sports have always been an important part of our lives. SportNature Travel stems from our desire to turn our passion into our job: it’s our own way to share a longing for strong emotions which only being outdoors can satiate.

In our packages we take care of every minimal detail and we only choose reliable partners, to offer you a wide range of fun activities.

We know every corner of our amazing region and we are proudly promoting it through healthy, eco-friendly tourism.

Trust our experience and let us take care of something that is really valuable to you: your free time!

We are members of the Italian Federation of Tourist Agencies (Fiavet Trentino) and we also belong to the Order of Tourist and Travel Agencies of the Province of Trento (with approved license as a travel agency and RC insurance cover).



If you love nature, you have come to the right place. In Trentino, you’ll find enchanting woods, majestic mountains (Dolomites), crystal-clear lakes, rolling hills and romantic vineyards.

The entire region, located in Northern Italy, is a true paradise for outdoor activities in every season. Lake Garda, in particular, has a unique climate: mild days during winter, warm but never unbearably hot days during the long summer. It’s really a magical place, nestled between mountains and olive groves. And its crystal-clear waters and reliable winds will give both beginners and sports pros alike an incomparable emotional experience.

We are located in Vallagarina, a beautiful valley in the Southern part of Trentino. It is close to Lake Garda and some of the most beautiful peaks (“cime“) of the region, which form a natural arena around the historical town of Rovereto.

#7Cime in the Vallagarina Destination

Above the “Busa” (literally, “hole”), the flat lands between Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole, lies the imposing presence of #MonteStivo (2054m), from whose summit you can also enjoy a fabulous view over the Adige Valley. On its wooded slopes, one of the most enchanting places in Trentino can be found: #LakeCei. Fir trees and centenary beech trees open up and frame a body of water with incredible colors, different in every season. And among water lilies, rare blue irises and cane thickets nest wild ducks with feathers just as beautifully resplendent with colour. A bit higher up, wide meadows in spring are covered in peonies, wild tulips, anemones, Alpine buttercups, gentians and primroses. Even higher, cows and horses graze lazily on lake-view mountain pastures.

Next to Mount Stivo there’s #MountBaldo (2218m): one of its slopes overlooks Lake Garda, while the other faces the vineyards of the Adige Valley. In winter, its white-capped peaks will ensure fun for those who love snow. And the other seasons are not to be outdone: flowering meadows in spring, extraordinary view-points over Lake Garda in summer and colourful beech-woods in autumn. Already known by 1500 as Hortus Italiae, the Garden of Italy, the Baldo Park is characterized by rich biodiversity. For centuries it has been a popular destination for naturalists, chemists, pharmacists, experts in botany and geology.

The area of #MountFinonchio, Folgaria and Passo Coe is another fascinating destination, particularly in winter, when the blanket of snow make the landscape almost surreal. Then there’s Millegrobbe, a magic and pristine place known as the “Canada of the Italian Alps”.

Other peaks of this wonderful natural arena are #MountZugna, a stone’s throw from Rovereto, #MountPasubio with its historical tracks and #MountLessini, right in between on Trentino and Veneto.


Food lovers will find something to satisfy their expectations. Among the most delicious meat-based meals there are canederli (bread-balls filled with meat and served with different sauces or in broth), osèi scampadi (turkey rolls filled with cheese), carne salada (raw seasoned beef), tonco del pontesel (different kinds of meat cooked together), smacafàm (a sort of focaccia bread, made with flour, egg, milk and meat), game (capriolo in umido, deer ragù) and sguazet (an offal stew made from heart, liver and lungs). If you feel like soup, there is orzotto (barley soup with meat and vegetables), tripe soup and bro brusà (a creamy and cheesy meat broth, with pasta). Tasting freshwater fish, like trout, is also a must.

Vegetarians won’t be disappointed: strangolapreti and spätzle (a sort of gnocchi), tortel de patate (roasted potatoes), peverà and panada (pepper and bread-based soups), crauti (sauerkraut), fasoi embragati (beans cooked with onions and tomatoes), mushrooms (porcini, finferli, finferle…), risotti (the Teroldego one is the most famous) and the inevitable polenta – also in the variations of Storo (typical corn flour), of potatoes, carbonera (with cheese and mushrooms) and mosa (with milk).

If that’s not enough, there are luganega, mortandela, speck and ciuiga as cold-cuts, or tosela, vezzena, grana trentino, casolet, puzzone di Moena and sprezza as cheeses. To end with something sweet, you can try one of the typical cakes like strudel, zelten, torta di fregoloti and fugaza, or pastries like frittelle di mele (apple pancakes), strauben and grostoi (fried pastries).

A glass of wine is mandatory: Gewurztraminer, Müller Thurgau, Nosiola, Vino Santo or Sylavaner if you like whites, Lagrein, Schiava or Marzemino if you prefer reds, or spumante if you loves bubbles (both white and rosè).