Welcome to our Tech Space

Tech theme for the 2018-19 school year is

"Testing out new trends in Technology"

Last year we did a lot of work with Google Suites and the students are becoming very comfortable using the tools Google has to offer.

This year we will continue focusing on Google Suites especially since we will be adding the third grade into the Google Chromebook program. Third grade on up will be learning more about the Google Apps and how they can use them in their academic life. It is never too early to start learning about Internet safety and the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. Every grade will work on different areas of the "Common Sense Media" program with a focus on the 9 elements.

Last year we worked on Coding and using the "Ozobots". We will continue this year and add some more complicated coding to the mix. We also hope to work on the "Stem" program and adding the use of a 3d printer to the curriculum.

Please check back often as I will give you a monthly update on what we are up to in the lab. I will also share pictures of the students in action.

If anyone can spare some time to help with the little ones in the lab please contact me via email and I will share the days and times when I can use some help. You do not have to obligate yourself for the entire school year even 1 class period is appreciated! Just remember that you must have your clearances in order to volunteer at school.

Thank you all very much for sharing you children with me and I hope we will have a great school year! I look forward to meeting everyone at Back to School night.

"Some people worry that young children should not be online

because they cannot be safe. Instead, I worry that young

children who are isolated from social technologies

will not learn HOW to be safe online."

Cathy Kennedy's Ebook Connected from the Start