Cardinal Counseling

MECC School Counselors

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  • All students can achieve academic success when given appropriate supports in safe and nurturing environments while respecting their unique and diverse needs.

  • All students have value and the right to have access to a comprehensive school counseling and wellness program.

  • All students can grow when their personal and social needs are met.

  • The counseling team will advocate for student needs through student centered policies and procedures.

  • The counseling team will support students in personal and social development (“social-emotional learning”) using restorative and empowering strategies.

  • The counseling team will utilize data (behavior, attendance, and academic achievement) to identify the needs of individual students and determine the focus of the school counseling program.

  • The counseling team understands student personal-social developmental stages and will provide referrals and support as necessary.

Apps to reduce anxiety for students

Balloon Breathing Game

Empower kids to calm down by using these balloons to inhale and exhale. (iOS)

Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Help children learn to identify their anxieties and self-calm with this app by Sesame Street. (iOS, Android)

Yoga can help center your kids and bring them back to the present. Cosmic Kids Yoga keeps them entertained and focused! (iOS, Android)

Dandelion Breathing

Breathing through pursed lips allows you to exhale longer and thus calm down. Let kids practice on these soothing dandelion flowers. ( iOS)

Everyday meditations and affirmations made just for kids! (iOS, Android)


This app is targeted to help adolescents, teens, and young adults gain insight into and basic skills to manage anxiety. It contains educational information about common sources and symptoms of worry, anxiety and panic, and has a checklist for users to complete to help determine the types of anxiety they most commonly face. (iOS, Android)

This app features four positive penguins that help children understand that feelings come from their own thoughts rather than the situations. Kids learn to challenge negative thoughts and see things more optimistically! (iOS)

Fall asleep fast with soothing melodies, with a section especially for kids. Choose from a variety of sounds, meditations, and bedtime stories. (iOS, Android)

Sleep Meditations for Kids

Created for children of all ages, this app guides kids to the creative part of their mind through a number of carefully scripted story meditations. (iOS)

Daily mindfulness and meditation for kids and adults! (iOS, Android)