Catering Menu

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⚜️ Starters ⚜️

⚜️ F.L.O.C - For Lovers of Calamari

Hearts of palm battered and seasoned, served with zesty lemon wedges and our creamy dipping sauce.

⚜️ Cheezy Creole Pop'ens

Lightly sautéed jalapeños wrapped in our Creole cheese, battered and served with house-made creamy ranch.

⚜️ Creole Nachos

Warm corn tortilla chips topped with house-made Creole cheese, green onions, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and seasoned seitan.

⚜️ Hearty Croquettes

Breaded zucchini & hearts of palm served with a side of our creamy, zesty pray-4-me sauce.

⚜️ Deez Ain't Gator Bites

Louisiana hot links and mushrooms battered in our Creole spiced mix, served with our secret house-made swamp sauce.

⚜️ Spicy Buffalo Seitan Strips

House-made seitan strips served with our creamy ranch dressing, carrots, and celery.

⚜️ Southern Fried Minis

Crispy tofu nuggets battered in deliciousness and served with three dipping sauces!

⚜️ Chunky Artichoke Dip

Baby spinach, artichoke hearts, and house-made cheese served with toasted sourdough.

⚜️ Salads ⚜️

⚜️ Monster Kale

A tasty salad made of kale, baby spinach, cucumbers, falafel, and vegan parmesan dressed in our creamy house-made dressing.

⚜️ Cucumber Salad

Cucumber, cherry tomato, vegan feta, fresh parsley, dill, mint, and basil.

⚜️ Burgers & Sandwiches ⚜️

⚜️ Pray 4 Me

Double decked house-made patties dressed with cheese, coleslaw, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and our special pray-4-me sauce!

⚜️ Black Bean and Quinoa

Our house-made veggie burger with onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and our garlic aioli served on a toasty bun.

⚜️ OG Southern Fried Tofu

Crispy crunchy tofu, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, and our creamy garlic aioli.

⚜️ Seitan Country Po' Boy

Dressed with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and our savory po-boy sauce. Served with seasoned fries.

⚜️ Mains ⚜️

⚜️ New Orleans Okra Gumbo

Okra stars in this Louisiana staple, flavored with garlic, corn, tomatoes, seaweed, a special mix of Creole spices, and the Holy Trinity: celery, onions, and bell peppers. Served with rice.

⚜️ Roasted Zucchini Étouffée

Traditional flavors come to life with a creamy coconut-based rue and a hint of heat in this New Orleans classic!

⚜️ Seitan Country Steaks

House-made seitan "steaks" served with our savory gravy and sautéed onions.

⚜️ Creole Spaghetti

Olive oil-glazed semolina pasta served with house-made spaghetti sauce starring tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and black olives.

⚜️ Jambalaya

Our rendition of this rice-based staple features house-made seitan and a distinctive mix of Creole spices.

⚜️ Black Olive Potato Salad

⚜️ Mac & Cheese

⚜️ BBQ Tofu

⚜️ Country Collard Greens (Braised or Traditional)

⚜️ Cinnamon Brown Sugar Yams

⚜️ Red Boy Beans & Rice

⚜️ Sweet Potato Biscuits

⚜️ Southern Fried Tofu

⚜️ Cornbread

⚜️ Creamy Mashed Potatoes

⚜️ Braised Buttered Cabbage

⚜️ Louisiana Black Eyed Peas

⚜️ Drinks ⚜️

Strawberry Ginger, Lemonade, Lemonade - Cayenne, Unsweetened Green Mint

⚜️ Desserts ⚜️

⚜️ Cupcake Platter (12 count)

⚜️ Pecan-Praline

⚜️ New Orleans Beignets

⚜️ 9-inch Deep-Dish Sweet Potato Pie

⚜️ 8-inch Deep-Dish Lemon Cheesecake

⚜️ Peach Cobbler