"One night, as I was sitting in a café working late on some time-sensitive documents, I noticed a couple staring at me. I thought to myself, 'Oh no, they are going to want to talk.' They approached me, just smiling from ear to ear, and said, 'You are the owner of Souley Vegan, right?' I hesitantly said yes (lol), as I was not in the mood to talk. It was after midnight, and I'm sure I was on my 18th hour of work (or so). Anyway, they began to speak, sharing their stories of admiration for what I had accomplished. Having read my story, they then began to share with me their dreams and goals. We ended up talking for about 45 minutes. After the conversation, I felt completely rejuvenated. It was at that point I realized that sharing my stories to inspire others is what makes me come alive."

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