Teh Dog Ecapse

Not all dogs have it easy. Some are trapped in neutron stars, but this one managed to escape.

"Teh Dog Ecapse" is the first part of a song cycle that tells the origin story of Escapement Dog as she escapes from her exploding neutron star. When the star explodes, the essence of her being becomes encoded within the expanding photonic wave and thus begins Escapement Dog's epic journey.

As the wave front travels over millions, perhaps billions, of years through the universe it encounters various islands of life among the stars. More often than not, the essence of Escapement Dog would decode herself into the different lifeforms found therein. She's had a lot of fun, adventure, good sniffs and tasty treats but only one place in the universe really understood her doggy nature.



Malamute Moans Pack (freesound.org). Performed by Igor. Recorded by Benjamin Steele. Creative Commons Attribution License

NASA Space Shuttle Audio Collection (archive.org). Shuttle Mission STS 51D. STS 51D Crew: Karol J. Bobko, Donald E. Williams, M. Rhea Seddon, S. David Griggs, Jeffrey A. Hoffman, Charles D. Walker, Edwin J. Garn

Music Software and Instruments Used

Sonar Platinum 2017 -- Cakewalk Software

ChipCrusher, ChipSpeech -- Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc

Insight, Ozone, Trash 2, BreakTweaker -- iZotope

WarmVerb Multi-FX -- Tone 2

PSP cmDelay - PSP Audioware

Kontact 5 - Native Instruments

Panagement -- Auburn Sounds

Blue - Realivox

Lagrange -- Ursa DSP

TH3 -- Overloud

Bazille -- U-He

Analog Lab 2 -- Arturia

Midishaper, VolumeShaper 5 -- Cableguys

UR 242 -- Steinberg

DD Utility - Dead Duck Software