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Thousand of fabrics for your selection
Choose from a vast selection of fabrics for all your needs, including window coverings. Our carefully crafted fabrics are both durable and stylish, making them the perfect addition to any room.

Find the perfect fabric for your needs with our comprehensive selection. Whether you're looking for a durable fabric for window coverings or a stylish option to enhance the look of your room, we have something for everyone. Our fabrics are carefully crafted to ensure both quality and performance.

Discover the versatility and beauty of our fabrics. From traditional to modern, we offer a range of styles to suit any taste. Whether you're decorating a single room or a whole house, our fabrics are sure to make a statement. And with their durability and easy maintenance, they'll continue to look great for years to come

Controls are for simple home use to enterprise-grade
Electric & motorized blinds are widely increasing to users because of the cost is more affordable today since the increasing demand from consumer and materials are offer by various brands and manufacturers.

We ensure that our finest selection for devices using with blinds must meet today's user behaviors and comfortable. We can offer and also commissioning for your project from a basic simple switch or remote to the various range of home automation also to the enterprise building automation system and technology with complex setup programming with hardware with climate sensor with the adaptation according to outdoor environment such at heat, wind, sun tracking, shadow, timer condition, humidity, temperature etc.

IoT are everywhere!

Windows covering products are also indispensable as one of the IoT (Internet of Things) for today's in the list of all devices in your home or workplace, cheaper solutions and easier access for everyone through the smartphone as a personal assistant for their life, with ease of integration, cloud service,  there's a lot of possibilities for blinds to be in control and let find out what we can offer you.

High quality hardware
Choosing windows covering products is not only concerned about the appearance or finest quality of the fabrics, one of the most essential as a backbone of the products is good hardware. This is what most people always overlook.

 Windows covering products consist of moving parts and mechanical. Most of them are made from aluminum, steel, plastics, etc. Good windows coverings hardware should last for many years, some can be used for more than 10 years, as we have experienced so many cases as a windows coverings installer, we are quite confident to recommend the best product at an affordable cost for you.

Over 5,000 SKU for your jobs
Our stock keeping unit area over 3,000 square meter in Bangkok is always ready to serve customers, we have more than 5,000 SKU items* in order to complete your project on schedule.

*Please check our stock quantity with the sales staff before making any decision for your project, otherwise extra lead-time might be applied to depend on the availability from overseas stock or new production or overseas shipment from different continents and ports, there shall be an extra charge if ship via air-freight.

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